Next Generation Sequencing
Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening Services

Illustration showing the work flow of next generation sequencing yeast two-hybrid screening services

We offer a variety of protein interactome discovery solutions: parallel interaction fingerprints, comparative interaction profiles, and complete screening of protein variants and mutational profiles of proteins. We can construct custom cDNA libraries of interest for our clients.  Our rigorous sample preparation, advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) -coupled yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) platform, and advanced bioinformatics ensure that you receive the best possible candidate protein-protein interactions. Our experienced team members ensure high-quality data that you can trust.

What NGS-Y2H Services We Provide

  • Library construction: we prepare custom made high-quality cDNA libraries with large complexities from the source of your choice
  • cDNA library composition analysis with potential background or false positive clones identified
  • Bait fusion protein construction with expression validation, potential toxicity and self-activation
  • Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) assay with your chosen bait(s) and cDNA library (conventional, with Sanger sequencing as readout)
  • NGIS screening: Y2H with NGS readout, ideal for high throughput projects (screening >100 baits)
  • NGIS mapping of known protein interactions to find the exact domain binding site
  • Compound screening, profiling of drug dependent PPIs
  • Discovery of target proteins binding to a known compound or drug
  • NGS data from a standard Illumina platform
  • Scored Y2H results scored with customized bioinformatics tools
  • Data on a secure cloud-based platform

In addition to Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening service, we also offer other interaction assay services. For instance, targeted interaction assays, protein variant libraries, and additional binary interaction screens such as protein complementation assays.

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Illustration of pipetting solution onto a yeast plate as part of our yeast two-hyrbid screening services.
A plate with yeast colonies as part of the NGS yeast two-hybrid screening for finding new protein-protein interactions .
Illustration of our director of operations pipetting solution into plate as part of our yeast two-hyrbid screening services.