The Next Generation of Protein Interaction Assays

Next-generation interaction screening (NGIS) is a reinvention of the yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) system that enables a comprehensive and precise identification of individual protein interactions and entire interaction networks.

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Basic Research

Discovery of new PPIs,  predict protein function, and compare interaction profiles for multiple proteins and protein isoforms.

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Explore large PPI networks and pathways in different species, enabling thorough analysis of host-pathogen interactions.

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Drug Discovery

Facilitate the discovery of novel drug targets and define mechanisms relevant for disease.

“Next Interaction’s NGIS screening with mutant and wild-type version of a gene implicated in hearing disorders revealed distinct interactions that may underlie observed phenotypes. These initial findings were crucial to our current research.”

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Our Services

DNA sequencing


Find novel protein-protein interactions with  a comprehensive screening method: NGIS Yeast Two-Hybrid.

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Chart entire interactome networks and pathways with high-throughput next-gen interaction screening: HTP-NGIS.



Map protein binding domains at amino-acid resolution: Protein Domain Mapping using Yeast 2 Hybrid-Next Generation Sequencing: DoMySeq.

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Test protein interactions in one-on-one confirmation assays or perform conventional Y2H.

Our offer also include the synthesis of customized cDNA libraries for your in-house Y2H screens and support for downstream data analysis.

Press Release

A collaboration with BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division: HTP-NGIS was applied to uncover targets of Asian Soybean Rust effector proteins in its host plant.

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Consult our Protein Interaction Screening Experts

Contact Next Interactions for advice about the best approach you need to propel your research. We can advise you on the NGIS two-hybrid system, data analysis coverage, and more.

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Streamlined Screening Tools

Quantitative scoring and comparison to controls reduce false positives.

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Advanced Bioinformatics

Quantitative scoring to reduce false positives.

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Cloud-Based Data
Visualization and Display

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